April 4, 2018


The County of Orange has not been served the lawsuit the ACLU has provided to the media.

We all know, the ACLU is against most things the Orange County District Attorney stands for, including enjoining gang members from terrorizing neighborhoods, keeping sexually violent predators civilly committed, and pursuing the death penalty against the worst of the worst murderers.

The use of informants has been consistently upheld by the United States Supreme Court, which has pronounced, “The informer is a vital part of society’s defensive arsenal.” McCray v. Illinois (1967) 386 U.S. 300, 307.  Likewise, Judge Learned Hand wrote, “Courts have countenanced the use of informers from time immemorial; in cases of conspiracy, or in other cases when the crime consists of preparing for another crime, it is usually necessary to rely on them or upon accomplices because the criminals will almost certainly proceed covertly.”  United States v. Dennis (2d Cir. 1950) 183 F.2d 201, 224.

Therefore, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office will continue to lawfully use all evidence lawfully developed by local law enforcement and continue on our Mission, which is “to enhance public safety and welfare and create a sense of security in the community through the vigorous enforcement of criminal and civil laws in a just, honest, efficient, and ethical manner.”