Date: October 31, 2018


SANTA ANA, Calif. – The Orange County District Attorney’s (OCDA) Office Bureau of Investigation is investigating an organization that is committing theft by utilizing “Faith Healing” to fraudulently con victims out of their savings. The organization, primarily based out of Los Angeles, is known as Terapias Alternativas Aaron, Inc. and Terapias Alternativas Angel, Inc.  This “Faith Healing” organization is specifically targeting the Hispanic communities in multiple counties via ads and infomercials aired on Hispanic television stations and newspapers.  At least two victims from Orange County have made reports of this fraud.

“This is unconscionable fraud that targets the desperate and the sick. The victims should report this without feeling embarrassed,” stated District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.


The victims reported they:

  • Suffered from different medical conditions which cause joint or other types of pain
  • Observed infomercials on Hispanic TV station KWHY-TV (22) where a person named Aaron claims to be a clairvoyant and health care provider in Los Angeles, who had the ability to cure diseases
  • Called the phone number for the organization and were told to go to a location on Pomona Blvd. in East Los Angeles or to a location on Whittier Blvd. in Montebello
  • Met with a Hispanic female who had them pay $50 cash for an initial consultation
  • Were taken to another room where they met with a Hispanic male who told the victims he could heal them for a fee of thousands of dollars, paid in cash
  • Were not given receipts for any cash paid
  • Paid additional cash that was demanded by these individuals in subsequent visits
  • Were told by a male subject that if the money was not paid:

o   They could not help the victims

o   The victim and their family would fall prey to “evil spirits”

o   The victim’s children would be taken over by the spirits and killed

  • Provided information regarding the their financial status to a male subject who would continue to demand tens of thousands of dollars and drain the victims of their savings
  • Were cut off from the “healing” consultation by the “clairvoyants” without being healed or cured
  • Observed multiple people sitting in the office when they went in for their consultations

The OCDA is conducting a criminal investigation into this organization and is seeking other Orange County victims.  If you believe you have been victimized by this organization, please call Supervising Investigator Rick Bradley (714) 648-3667 of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office Consumer Fraud Unit.

OCDA created videos to reach out to the Spanish-speaking community in Orange County. To watch and share the videos on social media and assist in our efforts to seek additional victims, please click the links below.