Miguel Angel Rangel


Name - Miguel Angel Rangel

Charges - Murder, possession of a controlled substance

Suspect Information
AKAS - Miguel Rangel-Flores, “Colorado Mike”
DOB - Sept. 25, 1975
Sex - Male
Race - Latino
Height - 5'9"
Weight - 175 lbs.
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown
Distinguishing Features - Believed to be a drug user and involved in the trafficking and sales of illegal narcotics. Known to bleach his hair.

Court Case #: 98WF1847
Police Report #: GGPD 98-12260
Warrant #: 2379706
Bail: $1 million arrest warrant issued April 24, 2000

Facts of the Case: On July 27, 1998, Rangel is accused of being involved in an argument with his live-in girlfriend, Marisela Sandoval. The victim, fearing for her safety, took Rangel’s handgun and ran through the home. She climbed out of a bedroom window and was chased by the defendant. A struggle ensued and Rangel is accused of being able to get the gun away from the victim. Rangel is accused of shooting the victim in front of their 6-year-old son.

Circumstances of Disappearance/Last Seen: Rangel is accused of fleeing the scene in a vehicle that was recovered the next day.

If you have any information, please contact:
OCDA's Most Wanted Hotline (866) 673-2574.