Most Wanted: Daniel Rojas

Attempted Murder

Name - Daniel Rojas

Charges - Two felony counts of attempted murder, three felony counts of second degree robbery, two felony counts of aggravated assault, and sentencing enhancements for the personal use of a deadly weapon and causing great bodily injury

Suspect Information
AKAS - Danny Rojas
DOB - Feb. 25, 1984
Sex - Male
Race - Latino
Height - 5'8"
Weight - 140 lbs.
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown
Distinguishing Features - Unknown

Court Case #: 06CF3544
Police Report #: SAPD 05-54344
Warrant #: 03133570
Bail: $1 million arrest warrant issued May 13, 2008

Facts of the Case: On Dec. 17, 2005, at approximately 10:15 p.m., Daniel Rojas and co-defendant Juan Leon are accused of entering the Budget Mart store in Santa Ana with the intent to commit a robbery. Soon after Leon inquired about a display knife, Rojas is accued of grabbing the knife and stabbing the store employee, Can Quach, in the abdomen in front of the victim's wife and daughter. The victim was able to retreat behind the counter after a short struggle, but Rojas is accused of stabbing Quach with the knife again. As Quach lay injured on the ground, Rojas is accused of holding the victim’s wife and daughter at knifepoint while Leon took money from the cash register. Rojas and Leon are accused of fleeing the scene, leaving the knife behind. The victim sustained serious, near life threatening injuries, but survived. In September 2006, Rojas was arrested after a DNA sample collected from the knife left at the crime scene matched his DNA.

Circumstances of Disappearance/Last Seen: Rojas posted bail and remained out of custody despite the District Attorney’s Office’s attempts to increase bail and remand Rojas back into custody. The case against Rojas was continued several times, and the defendant is accused of failing to appear in court for his jury trial on May 13, 2008.

If you have any information, please contact:
OCDA's Most Wanted Hotline (866) 673-2574.