Most Wanted: Norindra Say

Attempted Child Molestation

Name - Norindra Say
Charges - Attempted lewd acts on a child under 14

Suspect Information
AKAS - None
DOB - Mar. 2, 1972
Sex - Male
Race - South or Southeast Asian
Height - 5'6"
Weight - 130 lbs.
Hair - Black
Eyes - Black
Distinguishing Features - Engineer

Court Case #: 06HF0368
Police Report #: LBPD 06-00682
Warrant #: 2275691
Bail: $500,000 arrest warrant issued July 6, 2006

Facts of the Case: One of 13 defendants charged with attempted child molest in a Laguna Beach Police and sting. He is accused of going to meet a fictitious 13-year-old girl after hours of chatting on the Internet. Say is accused of engaging in graphic, explicit sexual chats, including asking the fictitious victim to “make-out” with him when they got together. He is accused of coming to the residence to carry out his sexual intent.

Circumstances of Disappearance/Last Seen: After attending several court appearances, the defendant failed to appear for a scheduled hearing and fled.

If you have any information, please contact:
OCDA's Most Wanted Hotline (866) 673-2574.