Prudent/Remedy Law Loan Modification case

The criminal case remains ongoing, and it has not yet been resolved.  Four of the six defendants have pleaded guilty, and it is anticipated that another defendant will enter a guilty plea in the next month. The assigned Deputy District Attorney (DDA) is still trying to negotiate a plea with the remaining defendant. Additionally, the assigned DDA is still currently working to resolve evidentiary discovery matters in order to set a trial-date in case the one remaining defendant chooses not to plead guilty and instead elects to go forward with a jury trial. Partial restitution has been collected or seized. The District Attorney’s office will be sending out Marsy’s Law letters along with a restitution form to the victims. Victims will need to submit the restitution form as soon as possible to ensure a correct restitution amount can be established. We will not begin to distribute any restitution until all the defendants have been convicted, either by plea or by jury trial.



Bordbar, Maziar
Duran, Roberto 
Ferrer, Nathaniel
Gressier, Pamela
Taghizadeh, Masood
Valdellon, Joel 
Yarandi, Saeid



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