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The Public Administrator/Public Guardian provides real property services related to investigating and quieting title, maintaining properties, managing rentals, distributing, and selling real property owned by conservatee and decedent estates.

1.       Investigating and Quieting Title to Real Property: The Public Administrator/Guardian Real Property Agent investigates title to real property to determine if property is owned by the estate we administrate.  This requires a review of deeds and title reports, determining ownership, Identifying liens, clearing liens from title, and recording Letters of Conservatorship or Letters of Administration.

2.       Real Property Maintenance:  The Public Administrator/Guardian real property division staff conducts periodic inspections to properties under PA/PG control.  When maintenance issues arise the real property staff will investigate to determine the best course of action in order to repair the problem while also mitigating any additional damage.  The real property staff will determine if there are resources available, other than Estate funds, to fund necessary repairs, such as insurance or a homeowners association.  If an Estate is responsible for the repairs then a licensed contractor will be contacted to make recommendations on how to proceed with repairs and the necessary repairs will be made.  The real property division maintains Insurance is maintained on all properties.

3.       Managing Rental Units: The real property section also manages rental units that are owned by the Estates the Public Administrator/Guardian administrates.  Rental management duties includes preparing vacant units for rental, advertising vacant units, reviewing/investigating tenant applications, selecting/contracting with tenants,  collection of rents, follow-up delinquencies & initiate legal action if necessary, handling maintenance requests, emergency support, and maintain insurance on properties.

4.       Distribution of Estate Properties: In cases where property is ordered to be distributed in kind to heirs, the real property manager will prepare and record deeds and all necessary paperwork required to transfer title from Estates to beneficiaries.

5.       Real Property Sales: The Public Administrator/Guardian real property agent is a licensed real estate broker and lists properties owned by conservatee and decedent estates for sale.  Some properties are listed on the Multiple Listing Service and some are sold at the Public Administrator/Public Guardian in-house auction.  Marketing techniques vary depending on the property type, location and targeted buyer to get maximum exposure.  Special circumstances require the real property agent lists properties with outside real estate brokers such as commercial properties and properties that are outside of Orange County.

6.        Fees:  Real property services provided by the Public Administrator/Guardian for property maintenance/management services are billed at a rate of $133.73 per hour.  The Public Administrator/Guardian charges fees of 4%-6% for the sale of residential real property and vacant land.  The fee is split with cooperating brokers when necessary.  The Public Administrator/Public Guardian does not offer cooperating broker commission for properties sold at auction. 


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