Orange County Public Administrator

The men and women of the Public Administrator serve the community by assisting the County Coroner, hospitals and mortuaries when an individual expires within county boundaries. Our staff compassionately reaches out to family members to discuss options on making funeral arrangements, coordinating indigent burials, and conducting will searches.

When there is no immediate family available to handle decedent estates, the Public Administrator, has unique powers to secure real and personal property until an eligible administrator is appointed. The Public Administrator protects the assets and manages the affairs of deceased residents of Orange County who at the time of death left no known heirs, no will, no named executor or an executor who is ineligible. 

When the Public Administrator is appointed to administer an estate, immediate action is taken to marshal all known assets of the decedent as well as searching for assets not readily known. After all the assets are placed under our control, the Public Administrator is required to file an Inventory and Appraisal within 120 days after appointment. During the administration of the estate, creditors' claims are processed, all required federal and state taxes are processed and assets are liquidated or held pending distributions. The Superior Court must approve the Public Administrator's court accounting and the proposed distribution to heirs.


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