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Our Mission

The mission of the Office of the Orange County District Attorney is to enhance public safety and welfare and to protect and respect crime victims and to create security in the community through the vigorous enforcement of criminal and civil laws in a just, honest, efficient and ethical manner.

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Role of the Prosecutor

The primary day to day function of the Orange County District Attorney is to protect the community I am elected to serve. The Orange County District Attorney represents the public and endeavors to improve public safety by prosecuting those who threaten the well-being of the community and its residents by breaking the law. Ultimately, the Orange County District Attorney strives to improve the community we represent by making it a better place to live for everyone by carefully considering the facts and law and exercising appropriate discretion in charging and sentence recommendations.

District Attorney Todd Spitzer

District Attorney Todd Spitzer works each day to maintain and enhance public safety in our communities. The commitment to public safety, protecting rights of victims, and ensuring a good quality of life for Orange County residents is always top-of-mind, while engaging daily with case reviews with executive staff and appearing in court.

A champion for public safety, District Attorney Spitzer is recognized as an expert on security issues, whose reputation as an advocate for victims’ rights is respected nationally. DA Spitzer’s commitment to protecting victims of crime was landmarked after co-authoring Marsy’s Law, our country’s most comprehensive Victim’s Bill of Rights. Todd Spitzer was inspired to dedicate his career to public service as an Orange County Supervisor, former California State Assembly Member, and now as the Orange County District Attorney.

After taking office as District Attorney, DA Spitzer established the office’s first Victim Ombudsman to provide a direct pipeline for victims to connect with the District Attorney’s Office. The Victim Ombudsman is a neutral point of contact for the victim, and has two major obligations; investigating or responding to the inquiries and complaints of victims, and reviewing how the Orange County District Attorney’s office handles its obligations to Marsy’s Law while also looking for recommendations to make to prosecutors on keeping in touch with crime victims to ensure they’re being treated with fairness and respect for privacy and dignity.

In 2019, DA Spitzer launched the Conviction Integrity Unit. This unit investigates claims of factual innocence presented by defendants who were convicted of offenses in Orange County. Essentially what the unit does is explore old cases to remedy false convictions. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is committed to prosecuting all cases with integrity and transparency. Any qualified defendant claiming factual innocence based on new, credible and material evidence will be guaranteed review by the Conviction Integrity Unit in a fair and objective manner. If the Orange County District Attorney’s office has lost confidence in a conviction, it will then assist the defendant in any exoneration process.
Among the top priorities upon taking office as District Attorney is Hate Crime. Todd Spitzer looks at hate crimes as high priority because no one should be attacked or victimized on the basis of their ethnic identity or religion, or because of the language they speak. DA Spitzer has dedicated two Deputy District Attorney’s specifically assigned to review all hate crime cases. This dedicated team has taken the lead in providing new training to law enforcement to ensure a safe and privet surrounding for an interview with a victim to gather critical information that will best support prosecutors handling hate crime cases in court.

DUI and drugged driving prevention is a top focus of DA Spitzer. The unnecessary loss of life caused by DUI and Drugged Driving collisions is why, as a member of the State Assembly, DA Spitzer authored the Steve Ambriz Act to require every Californian who wants a driver’s license to sign a form that states he or she has been advised that being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or both, impairs the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, and if they do so anyway and someone is killed, they can be charged with murder. The Steve Ambriz act became law in honor of Steve Ambriz, a City of Orange Councilman and friend of DA Spitzer’s, who was killed in 2006 by a driver under the influence of drugs who slammed head-on into Ambriz. DA Spitzer has prosecuted DUI and Drugged Driving cases himself and knows how devastating they are to the families, the community, to the law enforcement officers who investigate the cases and to the OCDA prosecutors who fight for justice.

During emergencies or in times where the safety of the public may be in jeopardy, District Attorney Todd Spitzer is the leader in protecting each community. DA Spitzer puts Orange County on high alert when dangerous sex offenders or violent criminals are released back on to the streets, and works with all law enforcement agencies on notifying and advising all residents to keep them and their families safe. DA Spitzer looks for ways close loopholes in the law where scammers and criminals look to exploit the public, and prioritizes the needs of Orange County residents by publishing updated resources to access when they need it most. The safety of all residents will always be the priority of the District Attorney’s office.

In addition to chairing the ground-breaking campaign for Proposition 9, Marsy’s Law, DA Spitzer also served as State Co-Chair for Proposition 83, the nation’s toughest sex offender punishment and control law as well as Proposition 69, which requires the collection of DNA samples from all felons.

Fighting to protect our community, he joint-authored Megan’s Law on the Internet, the landmark legislation requiring the release of public information related to sex offenders and as a former deputy and assistant district attorney he handled complex criminal matters while managing line prosecutors.

As Third District Supervisor, he secured Orange County’s first year-round, supportive housing shelter for the homeless, established an Ethics Commission, gained passage of pension reform measures, and strengthened public safety oversight by expanding the Office of Independent Review.

Spitzer earned his Bachelor’s degree from UCLA (1982), a Master’s degree in Public Policy from UC Berkeley (1989), and a Law Degree from UC Law San Francisco (1989). While at UC Law San Francisco, Spitzer was awarded the George Moscone Fellowship, for the law student dedicating his career to public service.

Spitzer is a former high school teacher and reserve police officer assigned to DUI enforcement and patrol duties. He is a doting father of a son and daughter and a dedicated husband to Judge Jamie Spitzer, Presiding Judge of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

About OCDA

Executive Team

Todd Spitzer
Orange County District Attorney

Keith Bogardus
Chief Assistant District Attorney

Paul Walters
Chief, Bureau of Investigation

Patrick Dixon
Special Counsel to the District Attorney

Suzie Price
Senior Assistant District Attorney

Beth Costello
Senior Assistant District Attorney

Robert Mestman
Senior Assistant District Attorney

Matt Pettit
Director of Administrative Services

Kimberly Edds
Public Information Officer

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