Bureau of Investigation

OCDA Office Bureau of Investigation

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office – Bureau of Investigation supports the prosecutorial and law enforcement endeavors of the District Attorney. It provides a wide range of policing services tasked with suppressing crime and ensuring all criminal cases filed in Orange County are thoroughly investigated.

The Bureau of Investigation (Bureau) is the Orange County District Attorney’s Office (OCDA) law enforcement division. The Bureau is comprised of more than 130 sworn police Investigators who are seasoned law enforcement professionals recruited from other law enforcement agencies. District Attorney Investigators have extensive investigative experience, highly developed technical skills, exemplary work records, and an outstanding personal history. The Bureau also employs 90 non-sworn support team members.

Investigators assist prosecutors in trial by developing leads and locating additional witnesses, uncooperative or reluctant witnesses, ensuring the safety of victims and witnesses, and engaging in trial strategy with their prosecutor partners.

Their work is extensive, includes writing and serving search and arrest warrants, investigating original cases in complex matters, and going the extra mile to ensure the law is enforced in a just, honest, efficient, and ethical manner.

The Bureau’s “Special Assignments” unit responds to and investigates officer-involved shootings, custodial deaths, police officer criminal misconduct allegations, public corruption, and other sensitive or complex investigations. In addition, OCDA Investigators are assigned and participate on 10 different local, state, and federal task forces. These task forces allow law enforcement to leverage the abilities and expertise of the various participating agencies, which results in coordinated and effective investigations of the highest level crimes.

OCDA Investigator Expertise

OCDA investigators maintain expertise in a number of various units. There are more than 40 different units where an Investigator may be assigned.

Employment Opportunities

DA Investigator

Incumbents independently perform a wide range of criminal investigations including the more difficult; provide technical guidance and training to investigative staff and may serve as team leaders of investigative activities. Incumbents exercise independent judgment and action in the analysis of evidence in order to determine whether a crime was committed or to obtain or develop additional evidence to support criminal prosecution. The District Attorney Investigator class requires that the incumbent possess experience in conducting wide variety of criminal investigations including specialized crimes and grand jury investigations.

Note: Possess a current and valid California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Basic Certificate or Basic Course Waiver as of date of appointment.

Public Assistance Investigator

Incumbents independently conduct investigations of suspected public assistance fraud cases referred by Social Services staff or other agencies. Public Assistance Investigators obtain accurate and sufficient documentation of evidence to support a recommendation for complaint and prosecution by the District Attorney. Investigators in the District Attorney Public Assistance Division perform Law enforcement duties and investigative activities in the post complaint and trial preparation stages, such as search and arrest warrants.

Note: Must possess a current P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate or P.O.S.T. Specialized Basic Investigators’ Certificate or Basic Course Waiver by date of appointment. (P.O.S.T. Certificates not valid if over three-year break in service.) 


Successful completion of the Specialized Investigators’ Basic Course Academy (SIBC Academy), or equivalent to satisfy appointment as a peace officer.

Civilian Economic Crime Investigator

The Civilian Economic Crimes Investigator classification performs the full range of duties with only minimal guidance involving financial crimes. Civilian Economic Crimes Investigators at this level must possess technical or functional expertise in financial crime analysis, perform specialized duties in a highly independent manner, and have a good understanding of how criminal cases are investigated. Economic criminal cases will often involve multiple suspects and/or victims, high level losses, more serious specificity of intent, and greater potential time served. Incumbents must possess outstanding written and oral communication skills.

The class of Civilian Economic Crimes Investigator differentiates from the classes of Welfare Fraud Investigator and Investigator in that it does not require Peace Officer status or P.O.S.T. certification. Further, Civilian Economic Crimes Investigator incumbents do not effect arrests, control suspects, carry a handgun, operate police vehicles, or engage in any other work or activity performed by incumbents of the Welfare Fraud Investigator or Investigator classes.

Investigative Assistant

This journey level class performs routine, low hazard, field and office assignments, relieving Investigators of these duties. Areas of assignment include, but are not limited to, Welfare Fraud, Sexual Assault, Homicide, Narcotics Enforcement, Child Abduction, Consumer Fraud/Toxic Waste, Mental Health, Criminal and Juvenile cases. The positions are characterized by their independence and the requirement for immediate office and field decisions. Incumbents do not have peace officer authority to make arrests or seize property.

Research Analyst

This is the entry level in the Research Analyst series. Under close supervision, positions in this class typically conduct research using questionnaires, interviews and other research instruments developed by higher level Research Analysts or compile statistical summaries from existing file data, and do not typically design research projects or carry out entire projects. Relatively routine assignments may be performed with more independence after familiarity has been attained.

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