Captured: Ali Achekzai


Name - Ali Achekzai

Charges - Two counts of forcible rape, aggravated assault with great bodily injury and multiple victim enhancement

Suspect Information
AKAS - None
DOB - Jan. 5, 1978
Sex - Male
Nationality - Afghani
Height - 6'2"
Weight - 185 lbs.
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown
Distinguishing Features - None

Court Case #: 04CF3110
Police Report #: TPD 04-914
Warrant #: 02955312
Bail: $500,000 arrest warrant issued Oct. 19, 2004

Facts of the Case: Jane Doe#1 reported that on Jan. 31, 2004, she met the defendant at a Laguna Beach dance club. She said the defendant followed her to Tustin and got her to pull over in an empty parking lot. Achekzai is accused of not allowing Jane Doe #1 to leave and forcibly raping her.
In an unrelated case, Jane Doe #2 reported that she and her female cousin went up to Mt. Soledad in San Diego with a friend and the defendant. Jane Doe #2 went for a walk with the defendant. The defendant is accused of grabbing Jane Doe #2, and pulling her down, and putting his hand over her mouth. The defendant is accused of forcibly raping the victim and threatening her not to tell anyone.
After Jane Doe #2 told her cousin what happened, the defendant is accused of punching Jane Doe #2 in the face and knocking out her front tooth. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting both cases occurring in both jurisdiction.

Circumstances of Disappearance/Last Seen: After attending several court appearances, the defendant failed to appear for a scheduled hearing and fled.

If you have any information, please contact:
OCDA's Most Wanted Hotline (866) 673-2574.