Most Wanted: Jason Liu

Wanted for Murder

Name - Jason S. Liu

Charges - Murder

Suspect Information
AKAS - None
DOB - April 10, 1979
Sex - Male
Race - Asian
Height - 5'11"
Weight - 150 lbs.
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown
Distinguishing Features - Unknown

Court Case #: 00NF2372
Police Report #: FPD 00-11202
Warrant #: 02551806
Bail: $250,000 arrest warrant issued Sept. 18, 2000

Facts of the Case: Gang member Liu is accused of meeting seven other individuals and agreeing to fight a rival gang. The defendant is accused of being the driver of the lead car in a gang shooting that occurred in Fullerton on Sept. 13, 2000. Liu is accused of giving the command to the shooter in the trail car to “blast them.” This case has been named by law enforcement as the “Island Drive” case, which resulted in one dead and three injured.
The other defendants have pleaded guilty and received sentences ranging from six to 15 years.

Circumstances of Disappearance/Last Seen: The defendant’s last known address was in Riverside, California. Defendant Liu is believed to be in Taiwan or South Korea.

If you have any information, please contact:
OCDA's Most Wanted Hotline (866) 673-2574.