Most Wanted: Tim James Marino


Name - Tim James Marino

Charges - Rape of an unconscious person, sexual penetration by foreign object of an unconscious person, recording a video without permission

Suspect Information
AKAS - Tim Maywood, Tim James Maywood, Tim James Moreno
DOB - June 3, 1962
Sex - Male
Race - White
Height - 5'10"
Weight - 190 lbs.
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Hazel
Distinguishing Features - Unknown

Court Case #: 03HF1577
Police Report #: NBPD 03-10540
Warrant #: 02781487
Bail: $500,000 arrest warrant issued Nov. 13, 2003

Facts of the Case: This defendant is accused of raping a 24-year-old female victim who came home with Maywood and co-defendant Allen Ward Crocker after meeting at a bar. The victim recalled drinking a beer in a glass and lying down on a leather recliner. She woke up to someone trying to disrobe her. The victim resisted and attempted to pull her pants up. She also recalled sexual penetration. The incident was caught on videotape and Maywood is seen on the video giving a “thumb’s up” to indicate the victim’s intoxication. Co-defendant Crocker was convicted by a jury and sentenced to six years in state prison.

Circumstances of Disappearance/Last Seen: Defendant’s last known address was in Newport Beach. Maywood had an appointment to be questioned by Newport Beach Police but he never came in. He disappeared from his job of many years. He may be living in Acapulco, Mexico. This case was featured on America’s Most Wanted.

If you have any information, please contact:
OCDA's Most Wanted Hotline (866) 673-2574.