17-Year-Old Admits In Court She Has Been Truant From School

For Immediate Release
February 6th, 2002
Contact: DDA Danielle Augustin
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17-Year-Old Admits In Court She Has Been Truant From School

ORANGE – A 17-year-old girl who was the first juvenile to be charged with truancy under a new district attorney program has admitted today that the charges against her are true.

The high school junior was in court facing allegations that she had been habitually truant from school despite numerous warnings from school administrators, police and prosecutors.

As part of the sentencing, Superior Court Judge Robert Hutson ordered the juvenile to report to a probation officer regularly and notify the officer if she is going to be absent from school. She must also attend school every day and meet with school officials to determine whether she needs counseling or any special help with her educational needs.

The juvenile will be back in court on April 10 so the judge can monitor her progress.

Both this girl and Carlos Ayala, the parent of a fourth grader, were in court on Jan. 23 to answer to truancy charges under a new program designed to crack down on children and the parents who don’t make them go to school. Ayala, 50, is due back in court on Feb. 20 so the judge can determine whether he has complied with numerous orders including making his child attend school, counseling, and sometimes attending school with his son.