Businessman Sentenced to 8 Years in State Prison

For Immediate Release
May 10th, 2001

Contact: DDA Mark Sevigny, Economic Crimes Unit (714) 347-8704

Businessman Sentenced to 8 Years in State Prison

SANTA ANA—A businessman from Irvine pled guilty today to six felony counts of Grand Theft in Dept. 4 of the West Justice Center.  Randall Dean Saylor, (DOB 02-21-63) was sentenced to eight years state prison and ordered to pay over $480,000 in restitution to six victims.  The case resulted from a joint investigation by the Los Alamitos and Anaheim Police Departments.

The six victims were small companies who were clients of Saylor’s tax and payroll business, Future Finances.  Saylor’s company had been hired by the victims to process their payroll and tax payments.  The thefts took place between 1997 and 2000.  The victims would deposit monies with Saylor for the payment of various taxes.  Saylor was supposed to process the paperwork relating to the taxes and withholdings and forward the tax payments to the receiving tax authorities.  Instead, Saylor pocketed the money, lied to his clients, and furnished them with false documents stating he had filed the appropriate returns and paid the taxes.  In a number of instances, no returns or tax reports were ever filed with the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board or Employment Development Department.

Saylor was also sentenced on an earlier case to three years and ten months state prison on a probation violation for a 1998 conviction for the same type of theft from clients’ tax funds.  His sentence for that case is to be served concurrently with the eight-year sentence on the new case.  The sentencing court also ordered Saylor to complete the payment of restitution to the three victims in that case.