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October 21, 2005
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estranged husband sentenced to life in prison without parole for raping his wife and murdering her boyfriend


Santa Ana – John Angel Salcida, 24, of Huntington Beach, has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for raping his estranged wife and murdering her new boyfriend by means of lying in wait.  Salcida was convicted by a jury on July 28, 2005.  He was found guilty of spousal rape and sexual penetration by a foreign object of his estranged wife (Jane Doe) as well as the murder of Jane Doe’s boyfriend, Sergio Ojeda, 19, of Rialto, who worked with her.


Salcida and Jane Doe had been married for four years.  They had a four-year-old daughter at the time of the incident.  They were living together in a Huntington Beach condominium until September 12, 2003, when Jane Doe asked for a divorce.  Salcida became despondent, pulled out a shotgun, and threatened to kill himself.  After this incident, Jane Doe separated from Salcida.


After moving out, Jane Doe returned each day to the condominium to get her daughter and Salcida’s 14-year-old brother ready for school.  When she arrived on the morning of October 23, 2003, she was surprised to find that Salcida had already taken the children to school.  He told her that he wanted to have sex with her one more time.  When Jane Doe refused, Salcida produced a large knife and forcibly raped her.  She called the Huntington Beach Police Department and Salcida was arrested for spousal rape and penetration by a foreign object.  Salcida posted bail and went to live with his mother in Reno, Nevada.


A few weeks later, on November 6, 2003, Jane Doe once again returned to the condominium to get her daughter and Salcida’s brother off to school.  Her boyfriend, Sergio Ojeda, was with her.  They did not know that Salcida had returned from Nevada.  A witness observed Salcida lurking in the garage area prior to Jane Doe and Ojeda’s arrival.

After arriving at the condo around 7 a.m., Jane Doe was giving her daughter a bath while Ojeda was ironing clothes.  The defendant entered the condo and approached Ojeda from behind as he was ironing.  Salcida struck Ojeda over the head twice with a hammer.  He then stabbed him 24 times with a knife.  Salcida then walked into the bathroom where his daughter was being bathed by her mother.  He told Jane Doe that he had killed Ojeda.  The defendant then took his daughter out of the room and gave her to his 14-year-old brother who had just returned from walking the dog.  Salcida’s brother and his daughter left the condo.


Salcida dragged Jane Doe by her hair into the master bathroom and forcibly removed her pants.  He told her he wanted to have sex with her.  She refused.  Salcida called the Huntington Beach Police and threatened to kill Jane Doe unless the police brought his mother from Reno, Nevada.  After receiving the threat, the Huntington Beach Police arrived on the scene, forced entry into the condo, and took Salcida into custody.