Fake Doctor who Pled Guilty to Targeting Spanish-speaking Women for Unlicensed Botox, Thread-lift Procedures Charged with Trying to Open New Botox Business Less Than Two Weeks after Being Released from Prison


Date: February 22, 2024

Case #: 24NF0287

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Elias Renteria Segoviano


Fake Doctor who Pled Guilty to Targeting Spanish-speaking Women for

Unlicensed Botox, Thread-lift Procedures Charged with Trying to Open New

Botox Business Less Than Two Weeks after Being Released from Prison


SANTA ANA, Calif. – An Anaheim man who plead guilty to multiple felonies for impersonating a medical doctor and performing medical procedures including Botox injections, lip and face fillers, and thread-lift procedures on numerous unsuspecting victims has been charged with attempting to start another Botox and thread lift business less than two weeks after he was released from prison.

The fake doctor targeted Spanish-speaking women to perform the unlicensed procedures.

Elias Segoviano, 63, of Brea, pleaded guilty in April 2023 to 13 felony counts of the unauthorized practice of medicine, one felony count of false indication of a medical license, and one felony count of perjury. He also pled guilty to one misdemeanor count of misrepresenting himself as a licensed medical practitioner, one misdemeanor count of representation of license not issued to him or her, one misdemeanor count of misrepresentation of qualifications, and one misdemeanor count of impersonating a professional nurse or pretending to be licensed to practice nursing.

Segoviano was arrested on July 19, 2022 at his business, Botox in Anaheim, within the Phenix Salon Suites, located at 935 S. Brookhurst St. in Anaheim, California.  Segoviano used various social media platforms to advertise his services to potential clients, including videos and postings on Facebook, Tiktok, and other social media platforms.  Segoviano used various aliases including “Dr. Elias”, “Dr. Elias Renteria”, “Dr. Elias Renteria M.D.“ and used “ELIASMD” on his vehicle license plate.

Segoviano is believed to have utilized other locations for his unlawful medical practice since 2019 including 339 La Habra Blvd, La Habra, CA.  Various business names were used for his unlicensed practice including “Botox in Anaheim,” “Botox in Anaheim- Health and Beauty,” “Neurotoxina Botulinica- Massage Service,” “Threads in Anaheim, “Threads La Habra”, “Botox La Habra,” and “OC Threads, Botox & Fillers.”

Segoviano admitted performing invasive procedures and injecting victims with potentially counterfeit Botox, fillers, anesthetics, and other medical drugs that placed the public at extreme risk.

The charges involved the illegal practice of medicine involving 28 victims. He was sentenced to four years in state prison, but served just one year and four months before being released on December 22, 2023.

Less than two weeks later, on January 4, 2024, while on Post-Release Community Supervision following his release from prison, Segoviano is accused of attempting to sublet a space at the Phenix Salon in Brea. He also applied for a business license in the city of Brea, but his application was rejected.  Based on a tip from the Probation Department about Segoviano’s attempt to rent the space in Brea, investigators with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office immediately opened an investigation.  OCDA investigators interviewed multiple witnesses and located the rejected business license application, substantiating the charges filed in this case.

Segoviano is accused of providing the two suite owners with a fake name and stating that he performs Botox injections and face thread lifting procedures, both of which require valid medical authorizations which Segoviano doesn’t have.

One of the suite owners initially entered into a sublease agreement with Segoviano, but after learning of news coverage about his prior criminal conduct the owner cancelled the agreement and demanded the keys be returned.

Segoviano has been charged with two felony counts of the unauthorized practice of medicine and one misdemeanor count of falsely representing himself as a licensed medical practitioner.

“This man walked the walk and talked the talk of being a licensed medical professional, but he was anything but what he pretended to be,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer. “These women trusted this individual to have the training and the expertise required to perform these medical procedures, and instead they unknowingly put their very lives in the hands of someone who was never licensed to perform the kind of work he was doing. The fact that he was out of prison less than two weeks – and while under supervision – when he returned right back to a life of crime makes it painfully obvious that he has no intention of changing his behavior and he will continue to try to make money off unsuspecting women every chance that he gets.”

Anyone who was treated by Elias Renteria Segoviano is encouraged to report those procedures to the Orange County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation by contacting Investigator Jesse Alfonzo at 714-834-6538.

Deputy District Attorney Michael Chay of the Consumer and Environmental Protection Unit is prosecuting this case.

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