FULLERTON – Anaheim Police Department Gang Unit, Orange County Probation and Orange County District Attorney’s TARGET Unit have been rounding up seven gang members, a gang mom and two female gang associates in connection of raping in concert a 23-year-old woman in an Anaheim motel on February 24, 2006. Ten have been arrested and charged for crimes surrounding a retaliation gang rape of Jane Doe whose boyfriend angered this Hispanic Anaheim street gang.  Each defendant was previously in court and will be back in N12, North Justice Center on March 17, 2006.  They are being held for at least $100,000 bail. Some of them are also in custody for parole or probation violations.  Law enforcement is seeking the public’s help in finding the 11th person.   

On February 23, 2006, Jane Doe went to a party with these Anaheim Hispanic street gang members at Zaby’s motel located near Harbor and Katella in Anaheim.  The following gang members are accused of being in the motel room and actively participating in the crime:  Oscar Barajas (19), Jesse Bess (23), Randy Calderon (18), Martin Delgado (18), Jolean Disbrow (23; female), Keizzy Fierro (22, female), Adrian Flores (18), Raymond Jaramillo (19), Luis Nava (19), Gilbert Ortiz (15; directly filed as an adult), and Connie Retana (38; mom of Delgado).  Jane Doe was later told that they were assaulting her to “teach her man a lesson.”  Disbrow is accused of beating Jane Doe.  Retana is accused of cheering on her son and his gang while they forcibly raped, orally copulated and digitally penetrated Jane Doe while preventing her from leaving.  Defendants are accused of finally allowing the victim to leave after threatening her with death if she reported the crime.  Jane Doe later reluctantly went to police at the urging of her friends.  Delgado, Flores, Disbrow and Fierro were the first defendants arrested when they were found driving her stolen car in Garden Grove. 

Law enforcement is requesting the public’s help in locating Oscar Jose Barajas who also goes by the name of “Sporty.”   Barajas is a Hispanic male, 5’7” tall, weighing 180 pounds, with shaved brown hair and brown eyes.  Anaheim Police and Orange County Probation have been diligently searching for Barajas.  He is known to frequent the areas of Anaheim, Moreno Valley, and Riverside. 

“These types of cases clearly remind us of the dangerousness and depravity of gang membership.   Fighting gang crimes must remain a priority for Orange County,” stated District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.  “Most shocking is that a mother could cheer on this type of criminal activity and women would participate in another woman’s rape.”

The Tri-Agency Resource/Gang Enforcement Team (TARGET) is a program that teams up police officers, probation officers and prosecutors by stationing them together in police departments throughout the county.  The TARGET concept is a highly specialized team approach focusing on the most hardcore, violent, repeat gang offenders who possess leadership positions in criminal street gangs.  The goal of TARGET is to incapacitate these hardcore gang members before they can commit further violent acts against society.  Deputy District Attorney Ben Mansangkay of the TARGET Unit will be prosecuting this case.

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