SANTA ANA – The Orange County District Attorney charged an Orange grandfather for molesting a 7-year-old girl who went to his Orange home to play “Barbies” with his granddaughter.  Octavio Cortez, 59, is married and lives with his wife and grandchildren.  Defendant and his wife would baby-sit neighborhood children.  Defendant is charged with one count of committing a substantial, sexual and lewd act on a child under 14 for molesting 7-year-old Jane Doe #1.  Defendant is charged with 16 counts for molesting 15-year-old Jane Doe #2 when she was between four and six years old.   Defendant is also charged with molesting 13-year-old Jane Doe #3 when she was 6 years old.  If convicted of all charges, Cortez could be sentenced to state prison for 270 years to life. 

On February 8, 2006, Jane Doe #1 was playing Barbie’s with the defendant’s granddaughter at his home on Citrus Street.  Defendant is accused of putting his hands down her pants and touching her genitals. The defendant is also accused of refusing to stop when Jane Doe #1 asked him to stop. 
From 1995 to1997 when Jane Doe #2 was between four and six years old, defendant is accused of molesting Jane Doe #2 while baby-sitting her.     Defendant is accused of taking her into his bedroom and sexually assaulting her and refusing to allow her to leave or call for help on multiple occasions. 
On January 1, 1998, after a New Year’s Eve party, Jane Doe #3 was put to bed fully clothed in her pajamas.  Jane Doe #3’s mother left Jane Doe alone for just a few minutes.  Defendant is accused of getting caught by Jane Doe #3’s mother coming out of her bedroom.  Defendant is accused of disrobing Jane Doe #3 to molest her.  
“The defendant has had frequent contact with minors.  There are three victims under the age of seven in this case.  If anyone else has information about this defendant or has been victimized by him, I urge them to come forward and call Orange Police Detective Liz Hoffman at 714-744-7444,” stated Deputy District Attorney Heather Brown. 
The defendant will be in court at 10 a.m. in the Central Justice Center, C-55, Santa Ana, on Friday, March 17, 2006.  The District Attorney is seeking $1 million in bail.