For Immediate Release

December 12, 2012
Susan Kang Schroeder
Chief of Staff
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Farrah Emami
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STANTON – Members of a violent Stanton criminal street gang have been permanently enjoined from terrorizing the community and acting as a public nuisance, marking the 11th injunction to be brought against Orange County gangs. This multi-generational gang is one of the oldest in Orange County, dating back to the early 1950s.


A permanent injunction was signed Dec. 10, 2012, by the Honorable Charles Margines against the gang and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) will enforce the injunction. Deputy District Attorney Lisa Grossman prepared the injunction on behalf of the Gang Unit of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office (OCDA). 


The service of the injunctions today, Dec. 12, 2012, was a cooperative effort between OCSD, OCDA Bureau of Investigation, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and Orange County Probation Department.


“We must fight gang crimes using every legal tool we have,” said District Attorney Tony Rackauckas. “It is our responsibility to protect the people who live and work in these neighborhoods who have implored us to help them be free of the terror that these gang members impose on their neighborhoods.”


“The use of a gang injunction is a valuable tool for law enforcement,” Said Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. “Our prior injunctions have resulted in almost 300 interviews in targeted gang areas and served over 160 Street Terrorism Enforcement Prevention (STEP) notifications. We expect this injunction to significantly reduce the gang presence in the safety zone, much like the prior injunctions have done in South Orange County. It is always our intention to safeguard our communities and this tool assists us with that.”



A gang injunction is a civil order that restricts or prohibits documented gang members from participating in specific acts or activities that may not be inherently criminal within a designated area, or “Safety Zone.” The terms are designed to curb intimidating or harassing behavior.  If a member of an enjoined gang violates the terms, he or she will be arrested and face prosecution. The case may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor for disobeying a court order and the defendant will be placed on gang probation terms or be sent to jail for up to six months.


This injunction names the gang as the defendant. The gang injunction subjects all active, documented members to prohibitive terms including a restriction that prohibits any association between members of the gang. Association includes standing, sitting, walking, driving, bicycling, gathering, or appearing anywhere in public or public view with any known member of the gang (except while at school or in church). The terms also maintain that there can be no intimidation, use or sale of drugs, consuming alcohol in public, guns or dangerous weapons, fighting, trespassing, blocking free passage, gang hand signs, gang clothes, burglary tools, or acting as a lookout. In addition, the gang members must obey curfew and all laws. Graffiti and vandalism are also prohibited as graffiti is often used by the gangs in the Safety Zones as a method to intimidate rival gangs, mark their territory, advertise their most recent activities, dissuade residents from going to the police, and denounce police.


Gang members who are subject to the terms of the injunction include the most active gang members who are well-documented through personal admission and/or affiliation, association with known gang members.