MEDIA ADVISORY – Letter to Governor Jerry Brown opposing Rogelio Solis’ Request for Commutation


Case #94SF0029

Date: July 20, 2018


WHO: Orange County District Attorney (OCDA) Tony Rackauckas

WHAT: Published a letter to Governor Jerry Brown opposing defendant Rogelio Solis’ request for commutation in the case of People v. Rogelio Solis, Case No. 94SF0029.

On Oct. 15, 1993, Solis and his associate gang members brutally murdered 17-year-old Steve Woods, an unarmed high school student, by throwing several dangerous objects at the victim’s vehicle as he was leaving Calafia State Beach in San Clemente with his friends. The defendants bombarded the vehicle with sharp rocks, a metal bar, and a paint roller handle, which crashed through the victim’s window and pierced Wood’s skull and brain. The victim died 25 days later from irreparable brain swelling. The assault was coordinated as “payback” after the defendants misidentified one of the victim’s friends as a rival gang member.

On June 19, 1996, Solis was found guilty by a jury of second degree murder, conspiracy to commit a crime, and six counts of assault with a deadly weapon, with a sentencing enhancement found true that Solis committed the crimes for the benefit of a criminal street gang. At sentencing, a judge struck the gang enhancement and Solis was sentenced to 15 years to life.

The OCDA is requesting Solis’ application for Executive Clemency be denied due to the defendant’s lack of remorse and the brutal and vicious nature of his crimes, which contributed to the death of a young, innocent, and defenseless victim.

The full letter, “Letter to Governor Jerry Brown Opposing Rogelio Solis’ Application for Executive Clemency,” is available at www.orangecountyda.orgby selecting “Letters” under the Reports pull-down menu.

WHEN: Today, July 20, 2018