MEDIA ADVISORY – OCDA Public Administrator honors deceased veterans

Date: November 10, 2016


WHO: The Orange County District Attorney Public Administrator’s Office

WHAT: Honored 16 deceased veterans who passed away indigent in 2016. The office of the Public Administrator has unique powers to secure real and personal property until an eligible administrator is appointed. The Public Administrator protects the assets and manages the affairs of deceased residents of Orange County, who at the time of death left no known heirs, no will, no named executor, or an executor who is ineligible. The veterans listed below were issued certificates, signed by President Barack Obama, recognizing them for their service:

  • Walter Stephen Biswell – United States Air Force (Air Force)
  • Frederick Dewitt Booth – Air Force
  • William Lee Carroll – Air Force and United States Marine Corps (Marine Corps)
  • Robert Thomas French – Air Force
  • Thomas William Anderson – United States Army (Army)
  • Albert A. Berquist – Army
  • Peter O. Corral – Army
  • Stanley Gene Davis – Army
  • Richard T. Gutknecht – Army
  • Joseph Jeffrey Jarrell – Army
  • Benjamin Martin Jeffey – Army
  • George D. Johnson – Army
  • Stephen Andrew McMahon – Army
  • Larry A. Rushing – Marine Corps
  • Carl Eugene Herring – United States Navy (Navy)
  • John Edward Thompson – Navy

WHEN: Today, Nov. 10, 2016