SANTA ANA – The Orange County Grand Jury issued a superseding indictment bringing new corruption charges against former Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo, 45, Dove Canyon. The grand jury issued the indictment last week.  The indictment was unsealed today in court in Department 5, in Santa Ana with Jaramillo present.  Six new felony charges were added to the prior five and two misdemeanor charges issued last July.  With the new charges, Jaramillo could receive anywhere from probation to 12 years and eight months in state prison.  


During mid-December of 2005, new witnesses contacted the District Attorney’s office with additional information about Jaramillo’s misuse of public resources while he was on duty as assistant sheriff.  More than 30 witnesses were interviewed and many pieces of evidence were reviewed during the process.  New evidence and witnesses were presented to the grand jury last week resulting in a superseding indictment. 


Jaramillo was indicted on two perjury counts.  Jaramillo is accused of testifying and lying under oath to the Orange County Grand Jury knowing such information was false:  1) Lisa Jaramillo was paid $10,000 to work as a secretary for C.H.G Safety Technologies; and 2) Jaramillo prepared his consulting contract with C.H.G. Safety Technologies Inc. based on the written advice of the County Counsel of Orange County and that he believed he scrupulously followed that advice.  Jaramillo was also indicted on four additional counts of misappropriating public funds for personal use.  Jaramillo is accused of 1) directing his on-duty subordinates to research and visit convalescent living facilities for his mother; 2) misusing Sheriff’s equipment (including a helicopter) and on-duty subordinates to facilitate his personal travel; 3) directing his on-duty subordinates to assist him at the graduation ceremony of a family member; and 4) directing his on-duty subordinates to have his personal photographs developed. 


Counts seven through 13 were listed on the previous indictment issued last year.  Jaramillo is accused in these counts of conspiring to pervert or obstruct the due administration of laws, receiving four bribes, and making decision impacting the public on two occasions when he had a conflict of interest. 


Assistant District Attorney Debora Lloyd is prosecuting the case.  Any member of the public with further information about this case or this defendant is encouraged to contact Orange County District Attorney Investigator Dina Mauger at 714-347-8818.