Thank you for coming.

The second gang injunction in Orange County was signed today enjoining 77 active members of a violent Anaheim criminal street gang from associating with one another and terrorizing their community.      

This injunction was a coordinated effort among multiple agencies committed to protecting the quality of life for the good people who live and work in the affected neighborhoods.   I would like to welcome Anaheim Police Chief John Welter, Garden Grove Deputy Chief Kevin Raney, Orange Police Chief Robert Gustafson, and Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters. 

I would also like to recognize the Anaheim City Attorney and Anaheim City Council, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Juvenile Hall, the Department of Parole, and Colleen Preciado of the Department of Probation for their support and participation in the Anaheim gang injunction.    

I would also like to thank a few individuals for their tireless work on this injunction; Senior Deputy District Attorney Tracy Rinauro, District Attorney Investigator Tim Day, DA Paralegal Joanna Spilka, the OCDA Bureau of Investigation, and from the Anaheim PD; Bryan Janocha, Glen Gate,  and Mike Haggerty.  

An injunction is a civil order that restricts or prohibits individuals or a group from participating in specific acts or activities that are not inherently criminal.   The terms are designed to curb intimidating or harassing behavior.

If an enjoined gang member violates the terms, he faces arrest and prosecution, and will be placed on gang probation terms or be sent to state prison for up to three years.

Orange County is a great and safe place to live.  But there are small pockets in some cities that are infested with gang members interfering with the lives of good people.  We are taking steps to put an end to that.  

In July, we took a stand against a Santa Ana gang.  It’s working.  The quality of life there has been improved. The streets are becoming safer for the residents now.  You will have the opportunity to hear from Chief Walters about the progress in Santa Ana shortly.   

Now, we’re taking this tour to Anaheim.  Then we’ll move on to another area, then another area, until we’ve eradicated the gangs and driven them out.
The gang members listed in the Anaheim injunction were identified through self selection.  They nominated themselves by being the most active participants of this violent and criminal gang.   They earned these terms by associating with other gang members, dressing in gang clothes and colors, flashing gang hand signs, and committing crimes together.     

This Anaheim gang was specifically chosen because they have been very active and violent.  There have been several recent gang shootings in the Safety Zone, and they are responsible for a brutal retaliatory gang rape of a young woman in an Anaheim motel earlier this year.  Chief Welter will speak momentarily about the details of the Anaheim gang.   

We also heard the pleas from concerned citizens who have shared their experience living and working in the Safety Zone. (video)

In July, we hung a “Going out of business” sign for a gang in Santa Ana.  Today, we did the same to an Anaheim street gang.  If you’re a gang member in this County, it’s only a matter of time before we put you out of business.

If you are a gang member in Orange County, give up, shape up, or get out.