Remarks by District Attorney Tony Rackauckas

Remarks by the Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas

SVP Petition Filing on Lawrence Brown

January 18, 2010


Thank you for coming. I have with me today Senator Mimi Walters, Tustin Police Chief Scott Jordan, Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters, Parole Administrator Lindon Lewis from the California Department of Corrections, and District Director Tammy Tran representing State Senator Lou Correa.   


Today, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office filed a petition to declare Lawrence Brown a sexually violent predator to have him civilly committed to a mental institution until he no longer poses a danger to the community.  A District Attorney Investigator will be going to pick him up from Chino State Prison and he will be in court on Friday. Lawrence Brown, a real life boogie man, every parent’s nightmare, will be put out of his business of evil. 


The People of Orange County will finally have the right to decide –   


*He is a man who violently kidnapped and raped two little girls,


*then continues to lie and deny that he did these horrible acts,


*masked his GPS just days after being paroled the first time,


*and violated parole the minute he got out of prison the second time.


 – They will decide whether Lawrence Brown is a sexually violent predator.


I place much more confidence in the judgment in the People of Orange County with all of the relevant evidence than a bunch of Ph.D types who make these judgments, often without knowing all of the relevant evidence, and sometimes not even meeting the inmate.  


On behalf of everyone on this stage, and so many unsung law enforcement personnel who worked tirelessly on this case, I want to thank the media and the public from the bottom of our hearts.