Remarks by District Attorney Tony Rackauckas – Kelly Thomas Press Conference

Remarks by District Attorney Tony Rackauckas

Investigation Results and Filing Decision Regarding the Death of Kelly Thomas

September 21, 2011


Thank you all for coming.


During the pendency of this investigation, we have heard over and over again the word “justice.”  The public has been crying out for “justice for Kelly.”  In order to make sure that “justice” was done, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office was entrusted with the task of investigating this case and getting to the truth. 


Since July 7th, we have been in pursuit of the truth as to all of the facts and circumstances of what happened on July 5th at the Fullerton bus depot. 


Our Office took this responsibility faithfully and seriously.


We executed the task thoroughly and efficiently.  


In Orange County, we generally trust our law enforcement – and with good reason.  I believe the law enforcement we have in Orange County is second to none.  My office works every day with police officers from 26 agencies who are dedicated, hard-working, and make daily sacrifices to protect and serve their communities.  We must do everything we can to make sure we protect that trust, including prosecuting police officers if they violate the law. 


In our pursuit of the truth, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office conducted a thorough investigation over the span of 11 weeks.  You will get a full, extensive list of all evidence considered – among which includes:


* video tapes including those from two cell phones, the surveillance video from the Fullerton Transportation Center poll camera, and bus camera videos;

*151 witnesses;

*police reports written by all involved Fullerton Police Department personnel;

*medical reports;

*examination of physical evidence such as batons and Tasers; and

* the Coroner’s report.


We also conducted all relevant legal research to determine the applicable law in this case.