Semi-nude Escaped Prisoner Guilty of Carjacking Women in Catering Truck

For Immediate Release
April 2nd, 2002
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Semi-nude Escaped Prisoner Guilty of Carjacking Women in Catering Truck

SANTA ANA — A jury has convicted a Montebello man on eight counts stemming from an escape from a police car and the subsequent carjacking of a catering truck in Irvine.

Jurors deliberated just a day before convicting Abraham Derian (DOB 8-25-75) of three counts of carjacking, one count of burglary, one count of escape from police custody, one count of vandalism and one count of battery on a police officer. He faces a maximum of 19 years in prison.

The crime spree occurred on Aug. 4 when Derian was found in possession of a cell phone, palm pilot and wallet stolen from a Newport Beach home. He was taken to Newport Beach police station where he vandalized the jail by breaking the telephone, tearing sheets and clogging the toilet. Seven hours later, officers put him in a patrol car and were en route to Orange County Jail when he smashed a partially rolled-down back seat window and climbed out. The car was traveling about 40mph on the onramp from the 55 Freeway to the 73 Freeway.

During his escape, Derian’s pants came off and he wasn’t wearing underwear. He ran semi-nude through the streets until he forced his way into a catering truck that was occupied by two young women and a 4-year-old girl. Derian forced the women to drive him around for 90 minutes until they arrived at a Ross store in La Habra. There, the women were ordered to go into the store and buy Derian clothes and tools to remove his handcuffs. Once inside, the women alerted a store clerk and police were summoned.

Derian was taken to Orange County Jail, where he fought with a female deputy, causing her to have a separated shoulder.