Two Men Charged With Animal Killing at Boy Scout Reservation

For Immediate Release
April 4th, 2002
Contact: DDA Nick Thompson
(714) 347-8714

Two Men Charged With Animal Killing at Boy Scout Reservation

SANTA ANA — Two men who were poaching deer at a Yorba Linda Boy Scout reservation were charged with unlawfully killing an animal and eight state Fish and Game code violations.

Darin Jay Hofmann (DOB 3-24-76) was arrested last night at his Chino home. Arraignment will be on May 5 at the North Justice Center. Hofmann posted $5,000 bail and was released. He was charged with felony animal killing for shooting a deer with an arrow and then cutting the animal’s head off. Hofmann’s friend, Chad Eric Martin (DOB 12-27-77) of Redlands, was charged with a misdemeanor because he didn’t do the actual killing. Martin is being notified of the charges by letter.

The incident occurred on Oct. 11 at Firestone Boy Scout Reservation where boys attend campouts and wilderness activities. The area is private and off-limits to hunters. A park ranger stopped the defendants as they were leaving the area. Hofmann was carrying the animal’s head.

Other violations include: unlawful possession of a deer after season, trespassing for the purpose of unlawful hunting, unlawful waste of game meat and unlawfully killing an untagged deer.

“The defendants illegally killed this animal at great risk of hurting Boy Scouts who may have been camping there,” said Deputy District Attorney Nick Thompson. “It’s conceivable that children would find the headless body of this deer and be greatly traumatized. This also sheds a bad light on hunters who abide by the law and obtain a license to hunt in season and in mandated areas. ”