Public Assistance Fraud Unit

About The Public Assistance Fraud Unit

The OCDA Public Assistance Division (PAD) consists of Early Fraud Detection Units, a Criminal Investigation and Prosecution Unit, the In-Home Support Services Investigations Unit, and the Orange County Housing Authority Investigations Unit.

Public Assistance Investigators investigate various types of public assistance fraud including the illegal receipt of cash aid (CalWORKs), food stamps (CalFRESH), in-home support services, and housing benefits (Section 8).  The goals of the OCDA Public Assistance Units are to preserve program integrity and maintain the public’s confidence in the various public assistance programs administered in Orange County. These investigations help to protect public funds from fraud and abuse and ensure that public funds are distributed to those truly in need.  

The Public Assistance Division works closely with caseworkers from the Orange County Social Services Agency (SSA), the Orange County In-Home Support Services Agency (IHSS) and the Orange County Housing Authority (OCHA) to prevent, detect and prosecute fraud. Criminal investigations conducted by these units are referred to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office (OCDA) for review and prosecution.

Reporting Public Assistance (Welfare) Fraud

What are the most common types of welfare fraud?

  • Absent Parent in the home
  • Unreported income
  • Ineligible child(ren)
  • Child(ren) not living in the home


Would you like to report welfare fraud?

Please complete the Public Assistance Division Online Fraud Tip Form or call our Fraud Tip line at (714) 347-8636.

Public Assistance Division Online Tip Form

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