Report a Problem Sober Living Home, Addiction and Treatment, or Recovery Center Incident

The Orange County District Attorney's Office (OCDA) Sober Living-Home Investigation and Prosecution team (SLIP) investigates reports of criminal and civil violations related to and surrounding Sober Living Homes and Addiction and Treatment or Recovery Centers.  In conjunction with our regulatory, administrative, and law enforcement partners, the OCDA gathers reports, investigates incidents, refers cases to partner agencies and prosecutes cases criminally or civilly when appropriate.

If you feel you have been the victim of or have information regarding possible criminal or civil misconduct by or surrounding a Sober Living-Home, an Addiction and Treatment or Recovery Center, please use one of the SLIP-R (Sober Living-Home Investigation and Prosecution - Referral) forms below.  You may complete and submit the online form at the bottom of the page, download and fill out the form in the link below and return it to, or call our 24 hour SLIP TIP line at 714-664-3950.  All contact information, links and forms are provided below.

If you are reporting an assault, drinking in public, drug sales, loitering, or have been a victim of a related crime, call your local law enforcement agency for immediate assistance and documentation. For crimes in progress, call 911.

Download 'Sober Living Home Investigation and Prosecution Program Referral Form'Sober Living Home Investigation and Prosecution Program Referral Form

Tips For Completing a SLIP-R Form

  1. First, make a separate list of the things you want to say. Try to separate your feelings from the facts. Present the events in the order in which they happened, using dates whenever possible - the more specific the facts, the better.
  2. Type or print legibly in BLACK ink.
  3. Enclose copies of documents such as contracts, letters, advertisements, billings, papers or other documents that may support your complaint. KEEP THE ORIGINAL FOR YOUR FILES.

Please submit, email or hand-deliver your SLIP-R form.  Upon receipt of your complaint, you will receive a confirmation that we have received the referral. Please be patient as it may take some time to review the referral and any supporting documents. This review can last from two to eight weeks, depending on the circumstances and the information you are able to provide with your complaint and whether the OCDA needs to coordinate with an outside agency. After the review, the OCDA will send you a written response. 

We are prohibited by law from giving you legal advice, legal opinions or acting as your private attorney. If you have suffered a significant monetary loss, you may also choose to contact a private attorney to discuss your legal rights and remedies. If you do not know an attorney, you can locate one by referring to the Yellow Pages of your telephone directory or by contacting the Lawyer Referral Service of the Orange County Bar Association ( If your claim is $10,000 or less, you may be able to file a suit in Small Claims Court.

Report a Problem Sober Living Home, Addiction and Treatment, or Recovery Center Incident

Section I: Reporting Party

Please provide the following:

Section II: Sober Living Home/Treatment Center Information

Section III: Victim Information

Section IV: Suspected Crime/ Fraud/ Loss/ Injury/ Damage/ Complaint